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"Creativity is the ability to introduce order into the randomness of nature." ~ Eric Hoffer

Anybody feel like some “Nail Mail”?

Isn’t this the cutest name for a nail polish subscription box? You mean you haven’t heard of nail mail? Well let me enlighten you!

Bondi New York

Photo Courtesy of Bondi New York

Bondi New York finally announced that they will be doing their own monthly “nail mail” subscription box beginning in August. In case you don’t know, Bondi New York is an awesome new nail polish company based out of (where else?) New York. All of their polishes are 5-Free, and Bondi donates 100% of their net profits to charity.

Bondi is promising 3 exclusive full-size polishes, a deluxe beauty product and other exclusive goodies in each box, AND they have said they will be placing 3 $500 gift cards in random boxes each month, all for $19.99 which includes shipping.  Similar to other nail polish subs, if you are on the monthly plan, you will be able to view the colors each month, and skip a month if you choose.  They will also be offering 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions as well as the month-to-month option.  $19.99 is the monthly price, and there will be a sliding scale decrease from there depending on the length of your subscription.

Bondi has announced that the first box will be a mystery box, the second will be a preview for their Fall collection, and each box after that will include exclusive colors not for general sale. They have also said that they are working on some special member perks to be announced later.

I’m hoping the first box will include some of the special colors they developed with Dallas Shaw for June’s GlossyBox, since they never actually got sent out.(For more info on that whole situation, click here.) The colors looked gorgeous in the ads, and I would love to get my hands on some of them.

Aren’t these amazing!!

Bondi's Dallas Shaw Collection

Photo Courtesy of GlossyBox NY

I think there’s a good chance these might make it into at least one of the boxes because Bondi’s CEO has said that they are still planning to distribute them, and this would be the perfect opportunity.  Of course, we won’t get the super cute Dallas Shaw packaging, but I’m good as long as I can get some of those colors on my nails.

If you’re interested in signing up to get info on the intro box, click here to add yourself to the mailing list.  Once your name is on the list, you will receive an email on July 22 inviting you to finish the sign up process, and then Bondi’s first box will be shipping on August 1!

I can tell you right now that I am all over Bondi’s new “Nail Mail” box, and have already signed up for the service. I haven’t been super impressed with Julep, and I know that I like Bondi’s colors better in general so I’m really hoping for good things.  Plus, their bottles are normal sized, and you definitely can’t say that about Julep.

Are you thinking about signing up for Bondi’s Nail Mail? If so, leave a comment below, and we can be excited together! Thanks for stopping by. Blog at you later!!

Cheers, Shauna


Thursday Thoughts – 7/4/13

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Today, I’m linking up again with my bloggy friend, Jen, over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

~ Today is the 4th of July, and we had totally planned to check out the fireworks at Epcot tonight.  Unfortunately,we’ve had thunderstorms most of the day and it’s 90+ degrees with almost 100% humidity outside, so we decided we’d rather stay in than brave the elements.  I asked Roger if he was sad to miss the fireworks, but he pointed out that living here and me working at Walt Disney World means we can see fireworks at 2 different parks 365 days of the year, so we can always see them another day.  Basically, we just decided we’d go some other time when it’s not so crowded.  Yes, we realize we’re spoiled. 😉

~ I would have so loved to go out of town this weekend, but Roger has to work tomorrow, and I have a ton of school work due Sunday.  I think everyone should get to have the day after the 4th of July off, especially if that day is a Friday.  I’m trying to not be jealous of all my friends who are off visiting some place fun for the holiday.  Maybe I can convince Roger to head to the beach for the afternoon on Saturday.

~ After my dental torture on Monday, my endodontist told me to only eat soup and ice cream until I get my post and crown put in next week.  While my jaw, tooth and gums are definitely still sore on the right side of my mouth, I’ve had to break down and start eating other food with texture and flavor.  I’m SO. DONE. with soup.  Maybe if I had the Soup Nazi cooking me exciting variations every day, I would be able to choke it down more, but I seriously only have like 4 soups and 2 stews in my repertoire.  I totally need to develop more recipes for my next brush with the torturer dentist.

~ I’m going to work hard to get all of my homework done early this week so I can maybe spend some time doing something crafty.  I’m feeling a distinct need for a creative outlet so now I just have to etch out the time to do something.  I’m thinking stamping some cards, maybe making a scrapbook page or two, or trying out one of those Pinterest crafts I keep pinning obsessively.

~ After my jarring experience with WordPress shutting down my blog yesterday, I’ve been spending a lot of time researching options for self-hosting, site design and purchasing domains.  I honestly had no idea how involved the whole process really is so I can guarantee it’s going to be a while before anything changes.  When I do make the hop, I’m seriously considering changing the name of my blog as well to better fit the theme of what I actually talk about on here.  I’m just trying to decide if it’s a bad move to make a change like that after people have already become familiar with the old name.  I’d love to hear thoughts on this subject if anyone has any to share.

That’s pretty much it for my thoughts today.  Thanks for dropping by.  Blog at you later!

Cheers, Shauna

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Happy 4th of July!!

Even though our Fourth of July celebration ended up more than a little soggy, my manicure held all the sparkles I needed.

I had intended to post pics of fabulous fireworks here in honor of the day, but will have to settle for a more grown-up version of my Julep Fireworks manicure.


My Salute to America

The Stars:
Base Coat: Nailtiques Formula 2
Main Color: OPI “A Oui Bit of Red”
Accent Nails: 2 coats of OPI “Kyoto Pearl” with 1 coat of Julep “Fireworks” Glitter Top Coat
Top Coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat

Hope your Fourth of July celebration was everything you were hoping it would be. Blog at you later!

Sm Blog Sig

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I have a confession.

I’ve never used a glitter polish before.

There. I said it. Oh, I’m so ashamed.

How can I call myself a nail polish fan if I’ve never used a glitter polish? I’ve used plenty of polishes that had sparkles, but none that were outright glitter.

Until yesterday, that is. Wednesday, I went from no glitter to only glitter. I think you could even say too much glitter.

You see, when I saw this “Fireworks” red, white and blue glitter topcoat Julep was offering as an add-on for July, I just had to get it.


Photo Courtesy of Julep

I LOVE the 4th of July, and visions of patriotic mani/pedis flashed through my brain on fast forward.

I finally opened my July Julep box yesterday (review coming later this week) and found my lovely, sparkly glitter polish inside, and just had to try it out.

Having never done the glitter polish thing before, I think I might have gone a bit overboard.


Oooo, sparkly!

This is 2 coats of “Fireworks” with a shiny top coat so it’s not all bumpy. I think I missed the point of it being a “glitter topcoat.”

Yes, I wore it to class like this yesterday, and no one commented. Of course, I’m sure someone was thinking I looked like an idiot, but that person must have just been too polite to say anything.

I feel rather like a 5 year old wearing it like this, so I’m planning to take it off, and do a real manicure with it later today before we head out to Epcot. I’ll be sure to post a pic of Take Two as well.

So if you don’t make your way back here today before I post my grown-up mani, just think of my glitter fireworks as a lovely 4th of July wish to you and your family.

Happy birthday, America!

Cheers, Shauna


Something’s Not Right Here

I had intended to post my June Birchbox review today. That is, until I tried to log in to my blog, and found that it had been suspended by WordPress for a violation of their advertising policy and terms of service.  Upon making this discovery, I immediately emailed WordPress to find out why my blog had been suspended because I know that I haven’t done anything that violates any of the policies.

Before I chose to set up my blog on WordPress.com, I thoroughly read their Terms of Service and Advertising Policy to see what I can and can’t do on one of their sites. Basically, I had intended to post reviews of my subscription boxes on my blog, and wanted to be sure I was allowed to do that. According to the WordPress Terms of Service, I am fine to post my own, personal, authentic reviews, and include links back to the sites where I purchased the items. The only requirement is that I not be attempting to post information about pyramid schemes or get rich quick without ever getting out of bed scams, and since that was never my intention, I figured I was safe.

Not so, said WordPress.com staff today. Apparently, it’s unacceptable for me to post my own personal review of an item I paid for myself, and link to the site where I bought it. Yet, as I pointed out to the nice person who responded to my very upset email, 100s of other WordPress.com sites do the exact same thing, and they never get called on it. When I brought that to the staffer’s attention, my blog magically got turned back on again.

Of course, this little experience has made me realize I am going to need to look into self-hosting sooner than later which has led to me doing some research on self-host sites tonight. I’m also going to collect some recommendations from friends who self-host as well to see what they think. If you self-host, which site do you use, and why? Did you design your own site, use a pre-made template, or have someone design it for you? If the last option, please share info on who designed your site as I’m looking for a different theme if I move to self-hosting.

Basically, I’m now looking for a way out as it was a horrible feeling to discover that my still-new blog had been deemed a rule-breaker, and had been shut down. Even though it is up now, I’ve now started wondering just how long it’s going to be before it disappears again for some other minor infraction that is only enforced on my site, and no one else’s.

Please share your info/stories/recommendations for self-hosting below in the comments section while you can. Blog at you later!

Cheers, Shauna


Meet the Furbabies!

It’s time to meet the cutest members of the family – our Furbabies! We have three – two kitties and one pup – and they are all immensely spoiled rotten well-loved. I’m doing this post today in honor of the 5 year anniversary of our pup’s Gotcha Day (the day we brought her home.) So, without further ado, here come the fuzzies!

Our first baby was Arkhe (pronounced R-K). We brought him home on September 27, 1999. We are pretty sure he was almost exactly 6 weeks old, as his mom was a stray that adopted a friend of ours. We picked him out of his litter because he was super adventurous and really playful. Sadly, all of Arkhe’s baby pictures are pre-digital so I can’t show you how completely precious he was as a baby, but here are grown-up pics.


Yes, this is my mouse. Why do you ask?

If you are thinking he looks like a big kitty, you are absolutely right. His head is the size of small navel orange, and his paws are an inch wide. He’s also a gorgeous tiger kitty who has been sleeping between our pillows since he was a baby. It was much cuter and more convenient when he was a baby, but not quite as adorable now that he weighs 18 pounds. One of his favorite things to do is dig under covers and sleep. He’s never happy when I wake him up taking pictures.

Sleepy Arkhe

Mommy, is this really necessary?

While Arkhe loves Mommy, he’s a Daddy’s kitty. He loves to lounge on Daddy for scritchies. Again, it was super-cute when he was little, but now it’s 18 pounds of kitty. Still, Roger doesn’t mind, and honestly enjoys it if the truth be known.


Pet me Daddy! I’m adorable!

Phelia (pronounced Fee-lee-a) was the second addition to our family. He was actually a teeny-tiny stray the first time I saw him sitting on a curb in the parking lot of my office building. Roger was driving me to work, and the kitty meowed at me as we drove past. At the time, Roger worked across the freeway, and I gave him just enough time to get to work before I called him and told him to get the kitty. Even though he only weighed 1.6 pounds, he left a massive scar on Roger’s hand from where he bit him as he was trying to catch him. That was in June 2000, and he’s been with us ever since.

Like Arkhe, all of Phelia’s baby pics are in hard copy so here’s an adult pic. We don’t really know exactly how old he is, but the vet said he was between 6 and 9 weeks when we got him which means he’s about 9 months younger than Arkhe.


I find these photos distasteful.

Even though he’s 13 years old and has lived with us almost his entire life, he’s still a bit skittish. He also has the ability to find every comfy spot in the house to nap, including stealing the blanket off the couch every day to mush into a nest for his naptime.


Did you want this blanket? Too bad!

Phelia is the only pet in our house that considers Mommy his, but he doesn’t cuddle with me the way Arkhe does with Roger. Still, he curls up on the arm of the couch next to me, or next to my pillows to be near me, and will sometimes even nap on me. He’s my super-purry kitty, and you can seriously hear him purring from across the room. I just love it when he comes over and purrs near me as I find it totally relaxing.


Yes, I am this cute in real life.

Arkhe has never really forgiven us for bringing Phelia home, and still gets irritated with him on a regular basis. And if you say Phelia’s name in Arkhe’s presence, Arkhe will actually get up and leave from sheer irritation. Despite the occasional annoyance, they are still best buddies, and completely love each other.

Kitty Tower

Kitty Tower

Kitty Cuddles

What? We were cold.

You can totally tell the size difference between the two of them in these pics. Phelia is a petite 9.5 to 10 pounds, and Arkhe is twice that size!

And now for our latest addition, Gracie. Five years ago, our lives changed completely when we brought this little cutie pie home.

Baby Gracie!

4 months old and adorable!

Hall’s Her Grace, Duchess Ophelia Ann (pronounced O-fee-lee-A) is a Tri-color Black & Tan Toy Fox Terrier. Amertoys look a little like a cross between Chihuahuas and Jack Russell Terriers, but are not obnoxious like Chihuahuas and aren’t as high energy as Jacks. My co-workers thought she looked like a cow because of her white coat with big black spots so they called her a cowhuahua. Regardless of what we call her, she’s adorable and knows it because Roger tells her that she is all the time. I wanted to call her Duchess, but Roger hated the name so we went with the uber-original tried and true Gracie.

I had to work really hard to convince Roger to get a dog in the first place, but it didn’t take him long to fall in love with her. In fact, this pic was taken about 20 minutes after we brought her home the first day, and was just the beginning of the end of a serious case of puppy love.

Daddy and Gracie - Day 1

I’m cute and I know it.

Terriers are super-loyal, and while Gracie loves us both, her sun rises and sets around her Daddy.

Gracie and Daddy

You’re my favorite Daddy.

However, she will still cuddle with me if Daddy is not around, or if she doesn’t feel well because Daddies are for playing, but Mommies are for comfort.

Mommy Cuddles

I like Mommy, too.

The average size for Toy Fox Terriers is 5 to 8 pounds, but Gracie stands a full head above all of her siblings and mom, and weighs a whopping 11 pounds. We can’t quite figure out why that is because she’s pure-bred, and gets plenty of exercise. In fact, she pretty much gets daily sessions of playing fetch as it is her most favorite thing in the world to do other than cuddling. This is the look we get when she’s waiting for us to throw something.

Throw the Ball!

Throw the Ball!

Gracie loves playing with Roger, and she is always the fastest pup her size at the Dog Park. But when it comes to cuddling, her favorite spot is between us in her bed on the couch or under the covers in our bed. She’s a total cuddle-bug, and I LOVE that about her.


So what if my tongue is sticking out? I’m comfy!


I love my blanket.

The boys don’t really love Gracie as much as we do. In fact, Arkhe mostly ignores her, and Phelia kinda smacks at her when she annoys him which is pretty much all the time. Phelia and Gracie sometimes play together, but it’s a tentative relationship at best, and open hostility at worst.

We kind of mock the uneasy relationship between the cats and dog by referring to Gracie from the cat’s perspective as the stupid, ugly, smelly cat because she is a really stupid cat who doesn’t look right and stinks. Of course, when we talk about the cats from the dog’s perspective, we call Arkhe the big, scary one and Phelia the mean one.

Even though everyone mostly gets along, our house is never dull. There is always someone wanting to be fed, wanting attention, wanting to play, etc. It can be a bit crazy around here, but I love all of these cute, cuddly faces to bits, and can’t imagine life without them.

Thanks for reading! Blog at you later!

Cheers, Shauna

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It appears I am missing something.

And that something would be the root of my tooth.

Yes, you read that correctly. I’m now missing the root of my tooth because I had the great misfortune of having my first root canal today. And yes, it was just as much a surprise for me as everyone else.

Basically, I bit into something on the right side of my mouth last night that resulted in a severe shooting pain through a lower molar. The shooting pain rapidly progressed into a constant, throbbing ache that prevented me from getting any sleep because it hurt so bad that I couldn’t put my head down even on the opposite side without pain. So this morning after Roger got up and we started our DMV drama (see my Random Monday post for more details if you are interested,) I started calling around to find a dentist I could see today. After one x-ray and a quick physical exam, the dentist bundled me off to an endodontist for an emergency root canal.

Now, I haven’t mentioned this before, but I am terrified of needles. As in, I have a panic attack when I need to have blood drawn or need a shot, so you can imagine how very not well I respond to needles in my mouth. Fortunately, my PCP understands my phobia and has given me a prescription for anti-anxiety medication when I need blood work or other needle-y types of medical procedures.

Anticipating that I might need to have a filling replaced, I had planned ahead and brought my meds with me. Unfortunately, even a double dose of my anti-anxiety meds AND my first foray into the use of Nitrous Oxide did not prepare me for the six – yes, you read that right – SIX shots that I needed to numb my lower jaw, after which a woman I wish to never see again proceeded to drill out all four nerves in my tooth, and replace them with a temporary filling.

I’ll be honest and admit that I didn’t really know what a root canal was before today, and I’m kind of completely mortified that I now have what amounts to a dead tooth in my mouth. Roger keeps assuring me that it is a very common thing, and that it’s better to have a dead tooth than one that will cause continued pain and other issues. Apparently, the root canal was the only option because I had a very large filling in that tooth that had cracked in several places, and subsequently allowed a significant infection to develop. The endodontist was actually quite surprised that I hadn’t had pain prior to Sunday night given all the fractures.

Unfortunately, since this is a holiday week, I won’t be able to go back to my regular dentist until next week for a “build-up” where they reconstruct the tooth followed by the placement of a crown for permanent wear. In the meantime, I have a rough little stub of a tooth hanging out in my mouth. I also look like a chipmunk who was only able to find enough nuts to stuff in one cheek, and my whole jaw is throbbing. I get to take antibiotics for the next 10 days, and Tylenol for pain.

Since I can barely open my mouth and only have a temporary filling in that one tooth, I am restricted to soup and ice cream (seriously, that’s what the endodontist said) until I can have the buildup done and the crown placed on my tooth. While I have a few recipes for soup, I don’t know that I have enough to last me for the next week without getting bored so I’m off to see if I can find a couple of decent ones for chicken and rice soup and loaded baked potato soup to tide me over.

So there you have it. The second reason why today totally sucked. I guess it could have been worse (in theory,) and I might have needed more involved surgery. Still, $700 for a root canal, tooth reconstruction and a crown is not my idea of a fun way to spend money. I’d MUCH rather buy subscription boxes, or spend that on a vacation. Unfortunately, I had no choice in the matter.

My jaw is starting to hurt again so I’m off to take some more Tylenol, and try to get some more sleep. Between no sleep last night, and all the stress from today, I’m pooped, and can really use some solid rest so I can do well on my test tomorrow. I’d end this post with a PSA on taking care of your teeth to prevent stuff like this from happening, but it’s not really appropriate. You see, I DO take good care of my teeth, and crap like this still happens to me. It’s called genetics, baby, and it’s a real PITA.

So, thanks for stopping by, and reading my tale of woe. I hope your Monday was significantly better than mine. Blog at you later!

Cheers, Shauna


Random Monday 7/1/13

Random Monday @NotInadequate

“Every other day, every other day,
Every other day of the week is fine, yeah
But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes
You can find me cryin’ all of the time”

This The Mamas and the Papas song written by John Phillips is SO appropriate for me today! This has been the worst Monday I’ve experienced in recent years.

Once again, I’m linking up with my bloggy friend Deb, over at Not Inadequate for some Monday randomness.

~ I got to spend all morning at a Florida DMV office getting new tags for our Jeep. Roger has kept putting off registering it in Florida, and it was finally picked up for expired tags this weekend. Approximately $800, two trips to an impound lot and 3 hours in a DMV waiting room later, and we now have two Florida registered vehicles. What a shame we’re planning to move back to California in less than 2 years.

Florida License Plate

~ I got zero sleep last night due to a completely horrific toothache. My tooth and jaw were literally throbbing so bad that I couldn’t lay my head down at all because even the pressure on the opposite side of my head was unbearable. No sleep made my morning at the DMV SO MUCH BETTER (not).

~ We are planning to do lots of Walt Disney World fireworks this week in honor of the 4th of July. So far, we think we’ll be taking in the Magic Kingdom fireworks on July 3, and then spending the 4th of July at Epcot for their awesome display. The only issue with this is the weather forecast which is currently showing rain, rain and more rain for the whole week.

~ I finally got my first Julep review up yesterday, and actually have my July Julep Maven box sitting here waiting to be opened. I had planned to open it and take pics this afternoon, but those plans got waylaid by a very unhappy circumstance that I will be posting about separately. I also sampled the last of the items I received in my June Birchbox, so that review will be getting posted in the next couple of days as well.

And finally…

~ Today’s song post is about the new Ke$ha and Will.i.am collaboration, “Crazy Kids.” I absolutely love the chorus of this song, but completely hate Ke$ha’s obnoxious sing-songy annoying spoken word cadence that she does in her songs. Because I enjoy the chorus so much, I have completely mixed feelings about this song, wanting to turn it up to sing along with one part, but wanting to change the station for the rest. I think this is quite possibly the most bipolar response I’ve ever had to a song, and it confuses me. The most frustrating thing for me about the whole situation is that I know Ke$ha can sing well, but chooses to do her annoying sing-songy nonsense. Ugh!

That’s all the random I have for today. I actually have another post coming up shortly about a very not-random situation that occurred this afternoon, so stay tuned for that to be posted soon as well. Thanks for dropping by! Blog at you later!

Cheers, Shauna

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Julep Maven Box Review – Intro “Classic With a Twist” Box

Starter Box

“Classic With a Twist” Intro Box

This review is now located at my new blog: A Little Cup of Random.  Please click on over, and check out all of my Subscription Box information and reviews.

Thanks for dropping by.  Blog at you later!

Cheers, Shauna


This doesn’t work so well.

If you’ve made it through my crazy long detailed About Me page, you’ll have read that two of the things I consider to be my worst traits are that I’m a perfectionist and a procrastinator. I can’t even quite figure out how these two things could have developed in the same person because it’s impossible to make things perfect when you are doing them at the last minute.

Honestly, I don’t do things at the complete last minute. Rather, I just wait until I absolutely HAVE to finish something before I break down and actually do it. Because of my perfectionist tendencies, stuff still manages to turn out well since I just flat out won’t complete something that isn’t up to my standards.

Of course, turning out high quality work at the last minute causes major stress so I’m trying to be better about starting things earlier. Although to be fair, starting things is not my problem; my issue is with finishing them. So far, I’m still searching for the motivation to do this because my current method of motivation is reaching the point that I have to just finish something because it must be done.

I’ve been trying to research how people motivate themselves to get things done, but I haven’t found much that I think would work for me. I’m hoping some of you that follow my blog might give me some feedback on how you motivate yourself to finish your projects. Please take a moment to comment below as I really could use the help!

Thanks for reading. Blog at you later!

Cheers, Shauna

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