Random is Order

"Creativity is the ability to introduce order into the randomness of nature." ~ Eric Hoffer


I just posted a poll regarding my first giveaway over at my new blog, A Little Cup of Random. Please hop on over there and take the poll so I can start planning my first blog giveaway.

Also, if you haven’t deleted this site from your account and readers yet, please do so, and follow me over at my new home, www.littlecupofrandom.com.

See you there!

Cheers, Shauna

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June Birchbox Review – Wanderlust Collection

Pretty Box Shot

June Birchbox – Wanderlust Collection

This review is now located at my new blog: A Little Cup of Random.  Please click on over, and check out all of my Subscription Box information and reviews.

Thanks for dropping by.  Blog at you later!

Cheers, Shauna


Feel-Good Friday 7/5/13

Today I have a few feel-good things to talk about.

~ All this recent polish changing has resulted in my nail polishing skills getting a lot better. My latest manicure actually looks like it could have been done in a salon. Well, a salon with a nail tech who needs to work on their cuticle maintenance, but still, the polish job looks pretty darn good. 😉

~ Speaking of polish, Bondi New York finally announced that they will be doing their own monthly “nail mail” subscription box beginning in August.  I’ve included all of the details in a separate post so click here if you want more info, or just go directly to the sign up page to put your name on the list to get the details on the first box.  I’ve already signed up because it sounds like it’s going to be a really good sub!

Bondi New York

Photo Credit: Bondi New York

~ A friend of mine that I see almost every day during the regular school year, but haven’t seen all summer is back in town, and we are getting together tomorrow to catch up. I’m really looking forward to it!

~ I’ve been growing my hair out to donate to Locks of Love, but want to be sure I’ll still have plenty of length when I finally get it cut. I actually measured my hair yesterday, and I only need about 4 more inches before I’ll be ready to cut it off and send it in.  That should only take me another 3 or so months, so I’m happy that I will be able to help a child with cancer get a hair piece AND that I will finally be rid of my crazy long hair!

Locks of Love

Photo Credit: Locks of Love

~ I know I’ve posted a lot this week about my on-going argument with WordPress.com about my referral posts. I thought the matter was resolved after the discussion I had with WP Support on Wednesday, but it apparently wasn’t per the additional email I received today. I’m sick of dealing with the issue so I’ve found a web hosting company I can live with, and I’m migrating this weekend. I’ll be sure to make this site point to that one so y’all can find me.  I’m feeling really good about this decision!

~ Goodies Co., ipsy Glam Bag and Birchbox all billed this week, and the last two will supposedly be shipping out next week. I’m super excited!!!

~ And finally, this showed up in my mailbox today:



You may be thinking, “So what. It’s another subscription box.”  Well, it IS just another subscription box, but not one that I currently subscribe to.  I actually posted about the reason why I was dropping my GlossyBox subscription back in my first Random Monday post so I won’t go into the whole thing again here.  Just suffice it to say that I had some issues with the way GB handled an issue with their June box, and I cancelled because I wasn’t happy with the way it all went down.

Anyway, given that I knew I cancelled, I was completely shocked when Roger told me my GlossyBox had arrived.  I immediately double-checked to be sure my account was inactive, and it was.  I also checked to be sure that I had received my refund for June’s box, and I did.  So I called GlossyBox Customer Support to find out what was going on.  They basically told me that they had completely messed up, and sent me a June box by mistake even though they do indeed show that my account has been cancelled, and my payment refunded.  I offered to mail the box back to them, but they told me to just go ahead, keep it, and enjoy it, and that they hoped it would help me decide to re-subscribe to their service.

SO, this means that I now have a surprise box to review.  I’ve already opened it, taken pics and tried out a few of the products.  I’ll reserve my opinions for my actual review which won’t be up until some time next week.  I will admit that I was feeling kind of yucky today so this was definitely a nice pick me up.  Surprise boxes full of goodies are ALWAYS nice to receive.

Do YOU have anything you’re feeling good about this Friday? If so, share your comments below.  Blog at you later!

Cheers, Shauna

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Random Monday 7/1/13

Random Monday @NotInadequate

“Every other day, every other day,
Every other day of the week is fine, yeah
But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes
You can find me cryin’ all of the time”

This The Mamas and the Papas song written by John Phillips is SO appropriate for me today! This has been the worst Monday I’ve experienced in recent years.

Once again, I’m linking up with my bloggy friend Deb, over at Not Inadequate for some Monday randomness.

~ I got to spend all morning at a Florida DMV office getting new tags for our Jeep. Roger has kept putting off registering it in Florida, and it was finally picked up for expired tags this weekend. Approximately $800, two trips to an impound lot and 3 hours in a DMV waiting room later, and we now have two Florida registered vehicles. What a shame we’re planning to move back to California in less than 2 years.

Florida License Plate

~ I got zero sleep last night due to a completely horrific toothache. My tooth and jaw were literally throbbing so bad that I couldn’t lay my head down at all because even the pressure on the opposite side of my head was unbearable. No sleep made my morning at the DMV SO MUCH BETTER (not).

~ We are planning to do lots of Walt Disney World fireworks this week in honor of the 4th of July. So far, we think we’ll be taking in the Magic Kingdom fireworks on July 3, and then spending the 4th of July at Epcot for their awesome display. The only issue with this is the weather forecast which is currently showing rain, rain and more rain for the whole week.

~ I finally got my first Julep review up yesterday, and actually have my July Julep Maven box sitting here waiting to be opened. I had planned to open it and take pics this afternoon, but those plans got waylaid by a very unhappy circumstance that I will be posting about separately. I also sampled the last of the items I received in my June Birchbox, so that review will be getting posted in the next couple of days as well.

And finally…

~ Today’s song post is about the new Ke$ha and Will.i.am collaboration, “Crazy Kids.” I absolutely love the chorus of this song, but completely hate Ke$ha’s obnoxious sing-songy annoying spoken word cadence that she does in her songs. Because I enjoy the chorus so much, I have completely mixed feelings about this song, wanting to turn it up to sing along with one part, but wanting to change the station for the rest. I think this is quite possibly the most bipolar response I’ve ever had to a song, and it confuses me. The most frustrating thing for me about the whole situation is that I know Ke$ha can sing well, but chooses to do her annoying sing-songy nonsense. Ugh!

That’s all the random I have for today. I actually have another post coming up shortly about a very not-random situation that occurred this afternoon, so stay tuned for that to be posted soon as well. Thanks for dropping by! Blog at you later!

Cheers, Shauna

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Thursday Thoughts – 6/27/13

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Today, I’m linking up with my bloggy friend, Jen, over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. Her blog is totally fun, and seriously has the most comprehensive list of subscription boxes I’ve found anywhere, so go check her out!

~ I was completely, over the moon excited to receive my first Birchbox (pics and initial review coming soon!) That is, until I opened it and discovered that they think I’m old. Seriously, 2 out of the 5 products were for aging this, that or the other. Now, I will admit that some days I feel older than others, but I never feel old, and I can’t figure out why Birchbox has pegged me that way either. I even went back in to check my profile selections, and the “Aging” category was not checked so I’m really not sure why I got all this “aging” stuff. The real bummer about it is that I didn’t get any of the goodies I was super looking forward to such as the Davines hair samples or the Suki scrub. BB has to be really good next month, or I don’t see myself sticking with them for long.

~ Who here watches Pretty Little Liars?

Pretty Little Liars

Photo Courtesy of The Huffington Post

Please tell me I’m not the only one. Anyone read the books? Anyway, are you not completely loving all the reveals they’ve had going on so far this season? With all the new info and what has already happened, does anybody think that Ali’s mom might be A? OR, do you think they’re trying to set up for the same angle that went down in the books? I don’t want to write about it because I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but come on! That has to be what they’re going for, right? Too creepy if they do, because they won’t be able to carry the same storyline on the show that they did in the books because the two have already diverged SO MUCH. I’m not looking forward to the end of the Summer Season and that crazy, long wait until next January.

~ I think I have to just come out and admit that I am completely addicted to nail polish. The problem is that I just joined the Julep Maven program, AND I can’t stop buying OPI polishes everywhere I see them, and the small container I bought for them years ago just doesn’t hold all of my polish any more. I don’t have a wall I can mount a polish shelf on so I need to come up with some other kind of storage, but I can’t figure out what. I was thinking a train case, but don’t want to spend $40+ on one. Plus, Roger’s eyes bugged out tonight when he saw me looking at one at Ulta, and found out they cost that much for an EMPTY case. He totally thought I was joking, and they were full of makeup. Too funny! So, I’m basically looking for suggestions on ways to store my growing nail polish and accoutrements collection as well as all of the new makeup I’m amassing from my subscriptions. Please, share your ideas!

~ I haven’t had a ton of time to read this summer due to my class and internship schedule, but I did pick up a couple of books at the library last weekend. Right now, I’m reading the Jane Austen Mystery series, and yes, it’s THAT Jane Austen.

The books are set in the era of Pride and Prejudice, and feature the fictional diaries of Jane Austen as she recounts her tales of solving mysteries throughout the England of her time period. Author Stephanie Barron (the pen name for Francine Mathews,) does a great job of writing in the language of the time, and keeping with the feel of Austen’s real novels. The first book in the series is, “Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor,” which is the one I’ve pictured here. I’m on the third book in the series, and I find them to be absolutely charming. If you were like me, and wished that you could peek into Elizabeth and Darcy’s lives forever, you will likely enjoy this series as well.

~ I’ve been feeling kind of down lately, and finally pegged the reason for it today. I figured out that I’ve basically been in class non-stop except for a few 2-week breaks since May 2012. I’m getting ridiculously burnt out, and have a wicked case of cabin fever. Of course, there’s not a lot I can do about it because I’m in the middle of another set of classes right now, and can’t really go anywhere. I’ll have a break between Summer and Fall semesters, but it’s another 2-week break, and I’ll have to work. I guess I’m just bummed because I won’t be graduating for another 3 semesters after this one, so I’m looking at solid homework, studying and tests through December 2014, and it’s just making me tired. I’m going to have to plan something fun for Winter or Spring Break, or I’m going to go nuts.

That’s pretty much it for today’s thoughts. I’m working on my Julep post right now, and should have it up tonight. In the meantime, thanks for reading. Blog at you later!

Cheers, Shauna

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Oh, but it doth eluded me.

Sleep, that is. I mean, sleep is that which doth eluded me. Still. And perhaps grammar, but that may be a side effect of no sleep.

Anyway, very few Zzzzzzzzs were to be had last night, so I’m now resembling a zombie more than anything else. I’m going to try heading to bed super early (for me) in an effort to close the gap. I hath forsworn electronic device usage for most of this evening due to its distractibility quotient, so nothing but this simple phone created post will appear for the remainder of the day, and most of tomorrow as well.

I will only add that this gem was found today upon arrival from school.


As you can see, the box has been opened, and photos taken, but the exhaustion was too severe for much else to occur. I will, however, be back later this week with part one of my review of this lovely package’s contents.

In the meantime, I wish you more sound sleep and pleasant dreams than I have been getting, and hope that I will come to you next with smaller under-eye bags and more enthusiasm. Blog at you later!

Cheers, Shauna

NOTE: Apparently, the exhaustion has caused me to think I am stuck in a second-rate Ren Fair. Please forgive the forsooth and all that jazz. Goodnight!


Feel-Good Friday

I have several things to feel good about this Friday!

– Today is the Summer Solstice, which means the days are going to start getting shorter. I LOVE this time of year because I love Autumn which means FOOTBALL SEASON! Because I am ALWAYS ready for some football!

– Since the classes from the first term of the Summer semester ended yesterday, and my new classes don’t start until Monday, I am technically on my “Summer Break” this weekend. It’s short, but I’m going to enjoy it!

– I have my Julep Maven box waiting to be opened, and reviewed. I decided to wait until today when I would have the time to use the polish immediately. This of course, also means I’m feeling good about doing my nails today!

– I received a shipping notification this morning letting me know that my first Birchbox is on its way, so that should be arriving sometime next week. Woohoo!

– We have some free passes to the Kennedy Space Center that must be used by the end of June, so we’re going to head over there this weekend. I’ve never been, but Roger visited when he was a kid after his parents picked him up from Space Camp. (Yes, you read that right; he did indeed go to Space Camp.) Either way, it should be fun, and I intend to be sure we stop by the beach for a quick splash in the Atlantic before heading back home.

– I have a new camera that I’ve not had the chance to really try out with an actual destination so I’ll finally be able to put it through its paces at KSC and the beach.

– This little gem:

Monsters University

opens in theatres today, and I can’t wait to see it. I loved Monsters Inc., and am excited to see the character development in this movie, and how it will tie in to that one.

– We got the replacement fan hung in our bedroom so I’m able to finally sleep a bit more comfortably. Even better, this one has a light kit with it, so we finally have overhead light in our bedroom instead of just lamplight.

– And finally, today marks my one-week blogiversary, and I’m happy to say that I’m up to 10 followers in a mere 7 days! It’s a lovely feeling knowing that my writing is not just floating out into the ether with no one but me to read it. I’ve been swamped, so haven’t had time to read and comment on all of the blogs I follow, plus new ones, but I’m working through my list, and will get to everyone asap. A big thanks to everyone who is willing to brave the random!

So as you can see, I have a lot to be feeling good about. Please take a moment to let me know why your Friday is Feel-Good in the comments section below. Blog at you later!

Cheers, Shauna


I’m in! I’m in!

I am so excited! After waiting 2+ weeks, I got both my Birchbox AND my ipsy Glam Bag invitation emails this morning. The ipsy bag invite says that I will be getting my first bag in July so I won’t have to start stalking reviews checking for the shipping notification for a few more weeks. I’ll actually be getting my first Birchbox this month around the 28th which I’m really excited about because I totally want one of these gorgeous polishes that came out in this month’s box.

Color Club Wanderlust Collection - Birchbox Exclusive

Honestly, I’m a bit more conflicted about getting a box this month than I thought I would be because I’ve already seen the spoilers, and I really think I want to be surprised. You have to understand that this is a completely odd sentiment for me to have because I normally would not want to wait any longer than necessary for my boxes o’fun.

This actually brings up an interesting point. I love the whole surprise aspect of subscription boxes, but I’m not a patient person. I literally stalk my boxes once I get the shipping notices, and the only reason I’ve never checked for spoilers is because there really haven’t been many for My Paper Pumpkin. There are so many other people who get ipsy that I know I’ll be able to find spoilers if I look, but I want to try not too because I want to be surprised. I just honestly don’t know if I’ll have the willpower not to go searching. I do think I’ll be able to resist looking for Birchbox spoilers since there are so many different boxes, and I have no idea which one I’ll be getting. I’ll still be stalking my box though once I receive my shipping notice. 🙂

Speaking of shipping notices, I got one from Julep Maven yesterday saying that my box has been shipped. I’m actually showing admirable restraint with this one as I’ve only checked the status once since I received the email. I’m sure that number will increase as this week continues, especially as I have more time after completing my group project, internship project and finals. In the meantime, I can justify to myself why I’m not checking constantly because I legitimately have tons of stuff to do. As things slow down later this week, you can be sure I’ll be obsessively tracking that little box non-stop until it’s in my hot, little hands.

As promised, I’ll be sure to post pics and reviews of all of my boxes when they arrive, as well as after I use some of the products. You can also find more info about subscription boxes in general, and the ones I am subscribed to specifically if you check out My Subscription Boxes page. And lastly, if you have any questions about the whole box thing in general or my new obsession with them in particular, feel free to leave me a comment or question below, and I promise to get back to you asap! Blog at you soon!

Cheers, Shauna

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