Random is Order

"Creativity is the ability to introduce order into the randomness of nature." ~ Eric Hoffer

Ah, such is the way of the world.

on July 9, 2013

I have two tests today. How did that happen? I’m taking two online classes with widely differing subject matter, and psychotically different schedules, yet they both have tests on the same day.

All of my classes this term are operational. I’m in Hospitality Industry Human Resources and Hospitality Industry Information Systems this term, plus I’m the TA for Hospitality and Event Risk Management. I’ve read more information on the working side of the Hospitality Industry than I’ve ever wanted to know in the last 2 weeks, and I have 4 more to go.

I know I’m whining. It’s just that my two majors have such widely varying subject matter. My Event Management major covers fun things like how to decorate events or plan a menu for a 5 day convention while my Hospitality Management major covers Human Resources and housekeeping management systems.

The first part of Summer term, I had 2 classes that had us doing hotel tours every week, or planning menus while enjoying catered “coffee breaks” so we could learn about the variety of food provided in that setting. Since I’ve been planning events for more than half of my life, menu and event planning is completely fun and exciting. Learning about labor relations is not. Blech! I want my fun classes back!

Blog at you later!

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